My First Bloggers Meet #The Dockyard Cafe And Brewing Co.

Let me start with saying what a great place to be. Food Lovers watch out… there’s a new muse in town.

The Dockyard Cafe and Brewing Co.  Sector – 29.  Gurgoan

The Dockyard Cafe and Brewing Co. is multi cuisine restaurant and micro brewing place in Sector 29. Gurgaon. My first impression for the place very heart warming and welcoming. Its a new food baby in town which not only serve great cuisines but also create freshly brewed beer. In the upmarket location in Sector 29 this cafe has made its mark. Very specious and interesting Dockyard theme which perfectly sinq together. The service personal were on their toes and always ready to answer any queries regarding food. Executive Chef “Swatantra Gautam” was the highlight. His love for food and creativity shows on the plate. This man knows how to sell his ideas 😉 He was so eager to answer any queries we had. His superb energy was also reflecting on the food. Every item was so eye catchy and welcoming. Random quote “You eat with your eyes first”

Dockyard cafe and Brewing Co.

Food is my all time favourite but new to the food reviewer community, I was quite fascinated to attend my first ever “Food Bloggers Meet” All thanks to Apurv Kan and Suchana Bera for the invite. I drove for 1 hour and 30 minutes to reach the place and all the way long I was sceptical about the meet. Questions like how would I be treated? How will the place be like? What would be expected out of me? Would I be bored as I would not have anybody to talk to? BLa BLa Bla.. However, In the very first hour I was the most happiest person on earth. 🙂

Dockyard’s own crafted “Wheat Beer”
Dockyard’s “Afghani Paneer Tikka” 
Dockyard’s “Wasabi Prawns”





The taste level for the dishes cannot be rated below 4star. Overall the Team Dockyard has achieved a good mark in the food community.  Lets discuss few of the items which I loved it.

Wheat Beer – Dockyard is a microbrewery which crafts its own beer. Dark beer and mild ones too. I’m definitely not a beer person and never dared to try one. But Guys!! you got me. I finished a full mug :p

Wasabi Prawns – Awesome taste. The strong flavour of Wasabi is so indulging. It belongs from the same family as mustard. I belong from northeast India and we use similar flavouring to cook fish dishes.

Afghani Paneer Tikka – Yummy! Delicious! a must try.

Beer Batter Fish FryFish Fish Fish I can have it in all my meals. Grown up eating fish mum cooked at home. Totally biased in rating this dish. I’m in Team Fish.

Paan Bahar Cocktail – Woo!! Strong paan flavour with Bacardi White Rum. Its was a good cocktail for people who loves strong rum flavour.

Both Veg and Non veg Pizza – Mouthwatering and delicious pizza. Really loved it. Vegetables, Chicken, Cheese and also the Bread were superbly sinq together giving an awesome flavour.

Fried Ice-cream – OMG!! I heard about it but never got a chance to taste it. Finally here it is. Loved the taste.

Few more items to to mention – Dockyard Shadow                                                                                                                                                              Bruschettas                                                                                                                                                                        Salads                                                                                                                                                                                  Burgers                                                                                                                                                                                Kebabs                                                                                                                                                                                  Tiramisu                                                                                                                                                                              Dahi Kebabs

My Food Card – 

Food Quality – 9/10|Service – 9/10|Ambiance – 8/10|Taste – 9/10|Value for Money – 8/10





**Address – Dockyard Cafe and Brewing Co.                                                                                                                                 Sector 29.                                                                                                                                                                             Gurgaon.                                                                                                                                                   

**Photography – My Iphone 🙂



Majnu ka Tilla  

The name itself sounds very historic and old. I have been breathing in Delhi (which is not at all pure now) from past 8 years and I kept hearing about this place. Several outings were discussed but couldn’t be executed. I kept creeping about it to my friends. My curiosity went to another level when people started talking about the mouthwatering and delicious cuisine sold by the local Tibetan People.

Finally the day arrived and we planned a day out to Majnu-Ka-Tilla.

I was super excited and couldn’t wait to try the delicious food. But to my

surprise it was not just the food I was fascinated about. The 

moment I reached the place my excitement began. You will feel 

you have reached another world altogether. 

Majnu-Ka-Tilla – The Main Entry

Majnu-Ka-Tilla is a Tibetan refugee colony in Delhi established in and around 1960. Officially its called New Aruna Nagar but famous as Majnu-Ka-Tilla because of its history. Its located between Yamuna river and Delhi’s outer ring road. According to history the literal meaning of Majnu-Ka-Tilla is ‘The Hillock of Majnu’ or ‘Tilla’ named after a Iranian Sufi “Abdulla” during Sikandar Lodhi era. It is said that he met the Sikh Guru Nanak during that era. He acted as ferryman and helped people cross Yamuna river for free. He regarded the act as service to God and mankind. Sikh Guru Nanak was totally mesmerized by his devotion and decided to stay at his mound for a longer period of time. Later a Sikh military leader constructed the Majnu-Ka-Tilla Gurudwara in honour of this incident.

Tibetan Settlement started way back from 1960 approx :p

Most residents from Majnu-ka-Tilla left Tibet at that time and resided at a small refugee camp near Yamuna river bank. The land was allotted to the Tibetan people by Govt. Today Majnu-Ka-Tilla can be called Mini Tibet.

Here the first language for the residents is still Tibetan. Its amazing to see monks passing by, new generation kids doing B Boying in front of the Monastery, foreigners taking pictures of the heritage buildings and handicrafts. AND THE FOOD Wow!!!

Wanna try authentic Tibetan and north east cuisine, this is the right place to hop in.

This place offer amazing authentic Tibetan, Northeastern and Chinese cuisine. You would find many restaurants by the roads and inside lanes. Street Food is a must, mainly do try “Laffing” 

Inside the small locality and many small lanes there are many handcraft and souvenir shop. Also high end fashionable clothes at a cheap price.

Lets sum it up by saying if you wanna explore Delhi from a different angle and a offbeat day out then Majnu-Ka-Tilla is the perfect place. The place is very light on the pocket and easy to explore.

Place – Majnu-Ka-Tilla, North Delhi

Reference – Locals and History

Camera – My Iphone 🙂

Escaping The Crowd ** Patong, Phuket

From the crowded and chaotic city Delhi my escape to Thailand seemed to be very fruitful. The moment I landed in Bangkok (Suvarnabhumi Airport) I was skeptical and doubtful about the journey. From Bangkok to Phuket it was again 1 hour 30 minutes flight. I knew it would be a tiring journey. Anyways! I looked tired already.

As a common foreign holiday destination chosen by almost every Indian, I was no different. A budget travel with lots of fun and adventure. I was in immediate need of a vacation and things seemed to be perfectly fallen in place.

Phi Phi Island

PATONG BEACH – From Phuket airport we headed straight to Patong Beach (1 hour trip) which was my destination. On the way to Patong Beach my excitement started to grow and I was fully prepared to live the moment. Somehow all my doubts vanished and I was sure it would be one of my best travel experience ever. The scenic beauty was superb. It felt like a genius photographer clicked the perfect pictures and pasted on my way.

Driver dropped me at the Patong Beach Resort booked for my stay and guess what, I was awestruck by the beauty of it. It was something unexpected. I could just stay at this hotel for the rest of my tour. It had the perfect blend of calm, relaxed and untroubled space. Rested early that evening as I was in need of tremendous energy for the next full day. A lot was coming my way.

beautyplus_20160331223405_savedugx7169                                          beautyplus_20160329234422_save

PHI PHI ISLANDOMG!! I am falling short of words to describe the beauty of it. From Patong Beach in a small boat they would take you through the most stunning and stupendous water journey ever. I was with my mouth open and stunned in the whole journey. I kept running like a kid all over the boat so that I don’t miss a single view from each corners. The blue and green clear water. The colourful boats and private yachts can be seen become the cherry on top.

In the Island you would see a lot of nomad travellers and explorers. Along the way inside the Island, there are flee markets everywhere with beach clothing, ornaments, souvenirs and street food. After lunch the group (incase I forgot to mention that I was included in a group Island tour) headed straight towards the water activities. Under Water walking, Banana Rides, Kayaking, Jetski and lots more.



If I need to sum up my whole experience, I would say never seen such beautiful and never ending beach with lush blue water, polite and humble people and great street food.  Evenings at the beach were the best time to leave every oods, regrets, bad memories and tough time in life behind and just feel the calmness. My soul was at peace. Definitely going to visit again.

Few Opps and Gerrrrr!! – Although I couldn’t stay for longer and would love to explore more Islands in Phuket and dig deep down to the culture and their roots. And yes the scorching heat. I almost turned like a burned toast.


My First Splurge of 2017. H&M

Hey! Guys,

2017 and here I’m giving my hobby little wings and my voice a platform.

Delhi and its shopping experience is a never ending journey. Right from high fashion clothing to flee markets and budget shopping. You name it you get it. As the fashion capital of India, I can announce myself as a proud shopaholic 😛

Today I’m here to share my H&M shopping experience and my favourite piece among few. 

A Cozy Winter Dress

Fell in love with the black dress. A simple waist belt to go with it gives an extra chicness. Black can never go out of fashion and always gives you that extra edge. Perfect for a winter day look. Go out with your girlfriends or for a simple weekend brunch. This dress will do it all.

Winters and Black goes hand in hand. I can never get tired of wearing different forms of black outfits. This Black off Shoulder top does so much to complete my look. Its simple and elegant. Pair it with your favourite denim or a skirt. Put on your winter boots or a pair of converse and you are good to go.

Lemme take a Selfie :*

*Dress – H&M (Selectcity Mall, Saket)

*Waist Belt – H&M (Selectcity Mall, Saket)

*Off Shoulder Top – H&M (Selectcity Mall, Saket)

*Boots – Online Shopping

*Place Selectcity Mall. Saket                         *Photography Bishu (A Dear Friend)

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