Luxury Skincare By Dior

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Welcome back to my blog! Hope you enjoy reading my lifestyle blog as much as I enjoy writing it for you guys!

Lets talk about skin care and skin care products. I believe that its the perfect time to indulge in some self care routine as we have plenty of time in our hands while being in quarantine. So lets begin…

We all love them and its not gender biased anymore. Even guys love pampering themselves as much as we do. There are plenty of products in the market and we all love to experiment with them. Speaking about skin care or toiletries, I am a big time hoarder of these kind of products and love to experiment and keep changing my skin care routine as per different seasons and brands.  Who doesn’t love to get pampered. And when it comes to skin care, I love to indulge myself in luxury beauty products for that extra luxurious experience. Because of their reputation and trust they have build over time for themselves, its even easier to splurge on those products every now and then.

So I’m going to share with you the secret to skin that glows with a luxurious sheen and it has to do with two luxury skincare products which I absolutely adore. They are very close to my heart as they are from one my favourite luxury brands Dior.                             “A new femininity, a total femininity that would lack nothing” was dreamed by Christian Dior and today from dresses to accessories, from fragrances to lipstick, up to the most expert skincare, the Dior House enhances the beauty of women, bringing it radiance and modernity.

To start off let me tell about my skin type. I have a combination to oily skin. It gets dull easily and I have an issues of discolouration and sensitivity.

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Christian Dior Hydra Life Hydration Sorbet

Powered with Mallow and Haberlea leaf, this essence claim to offers 3 actions in 1 single step.

  • The ultra-concentrated moisturization of a serum.
  • The radiance boost of a gentle peel and the toning effect of a lotion.
  • Offers a splash of freshness that instantly invigorates the skin with its translucent blue liquid texture

My Review – It feels super luxurious and light on the skin. As the name suggests, its highly hydrating and still very light. Its gel based and quickly absorbed by the skin. My skin feels super hydrated yet oil free. A light moisturiser excellent for combination to oily skin. Gentle fragrance which is very soothing.

I got it for – Rs 3500 50ml



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Dior Hydra Life Lotion To Foam Fresh Cleanser

In just one pump, this fresh lotion transforms into a rich and airy foam cleanser. Highly concentrated in natural white tea leaf extract, it completely removes makeup and deeply cleanses and refreshes the skin. The skin looks perfectly clean and clear. Refreshed with moisture, looking revitalised. Highly concentrated in natural white tea leaf extract for toning action Infused with saponins, natural cleaning agents for purifying & detoxifying action.

My Review – Totally love this cleanser. The foamy and fluffy texture feels smooth and silky on the skin. it des deeply cleanses your skin from within and a visible freshness is seen without a drying effect. Its excellent for combination to oily skin.Gentle fragrance which is very soothing.

I got it for – Rs 2300/- 190ml



The Boho Inspiration

Boho chic is a style that often combines free spiritedness and casual style with a touch of whimsy. Needless to say, for nomadic gypsies like me, no style is more dearer and these are some of my most favourite boho looks this summer. If I am looking cool and comfortable in the pictures, trust me I was feeling the same and then some!

Look 1

Cool pastel tunic in pastel beige with pops of colour on tassels and on the detailing of neckline and down the bust. Tassel earrings and crimson ankle strap heels complete one look while changing to black short length boots make for another outdoorsy look. Perfect for that spring outing in the countryside or brunch with friends out on the town.

Dress – FBB Online

Earrings – Style by AND

Heels – Dressberry India

Boots – H&M

Look 2

You cant go boho and not think of long floral dresses! Here to match my flighty mood of an afternoon spent in lanes of a bygone era, I’m wearing a feminine frill sleeved asymmetric summer dress. The print is a delightful burst of colours and lots of bangles and bracelets add to the charm of the look. Add a sun hat, pull on some boots and go out to conquer the dazzling day!

Dress – Style by AND

Accessories – Different flea markets around Goa 

Black Boots – H&M

Brown Boots – H&M

Hat – Fancypants

Look 3

Boho goes sensual in this look where a wrap skirt with a thigh high slit in black with cheerful red flowers complements the passionate red tee knotted at the midriff. A couple of tribal inspired silver neck pieces , wrists full of strappy bracelets and slim silver bangles and I’m ready to embrace my inner seductress!

Top – Shein India

Slit Skirt – FBB Online

Earrings – Artjuna

Nose Pin – Nnazaquat

Boots – H&M

Look 4

It’s time to break into some solid colours. Teal green is amongst one of my most favourite colours. This long slinky strap dress can be worn on a crisp spring day and can easily turn into evening wear as well with the addition of a jacket. Chunky oxidized jewellery around the neck and wrist and I can step out with a swing in my step comfortable in my slip on tan brown clogs!

Dress – Anjuna Flea Market Goa

Denim Jacket – FBB Online

Statement Neck Piece – Anjuna Flea Market Goa

Boots – H&M

Look 5

The boho spirit is most free when its close to the four elements. The fire of my passion, the azure waters of the sea, the earth that grounds me and the wind that teases my hair and plays with my silk tie & die tunic in hues of indigo and purple. Going all out with silver ornaments including my favourite flea market purchase of the anklet, I’m at peace with the world spending the day on the beach with the waves for company.

Beach Dress – Anjuna Flea Market Goa

Sunglasses – Fancypants

Statement Neck Piece & Accessories – Anjuna Flea Market Goa

‘Malhar’ The essence of monsoon by Fida.

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Here comes the monsoons and I feel happy again for no reason. A season which not everyone likes to enjoy because of the rains and restraints it brings to the daily life. But there is a saying- “One who says sunshine brings happiness with it, has never danced in the rain”. I am a pure pluviophile. I find myself smiling looking at the rains and with each shower, it brings so many emotions. Monsoons have their own charm and beauty.



As a kid, it was a hope of happiness because of the probability of a sudden holiday due to rains. Rain was nature’s toy for us – we would jump in that pool of rain water on the road on our way back from school knowing the fact that a thrashing from Mom would awaits us at home for getting that uniform dirty. Or have a boat making competition with friends and see whose boat sails longer and end up exhausting an entire book. Or cuddle up Mom at night because the thunder sounds were scary.


Then we grow up a bit and see the rains in a different way. This time it is not just rains, it is related to our emotions. Rains are not just fun, they have become our friends during that emotional and mental change that is going on within us. We feel like dancing in the rain because we are happy of a new found love and many a times I myself have danced like crazy as if the rains understood everything that I felt. Then there are times when we are depressed and the rains consoled us by soaking up our tears in its own water.


But now we see rains from a different perspective which is just beauty. The sound of the rains translates nothing but music and rythm. The waters are soothing and takes away all the weariness. The thunder reminds us to be humble towards nature and respect the fact that we are still getting rains which we may not if we continued to be indifferent. The sentiments still remain the same and sometimes I still dance like a kid and I think will continue to do that till the time it rains and until I can dance.



Monsoons are beautiful in itself and keeping in mind these beautiful aspects, Fida Jewellery has launched their new “Malhar Collection” celebrating the essence of monsoon. Fida is a unique and artistic jewellery brand which has made their mark in the fashion accessories market with its detailed jewellery for special occasions. They are available at 50 lifestyle departmental stores Pan India and e-commerce platforms such as Myntra, Jabong and Nykaa. They presented me with these two beautiful pieces of art which indeed match my monsoon mood. The silver and green combination looked amazing with silver and green reflecting the rain and greenery respectively with details designed as droplets of water. The moment I got them, the idea of styling it up crossed my mind and wanted to do it in the rains. I knew that the rain and these earrings would complement each other and make me look and feel beautiful. I indeed felt beautiful and loved the pieces and would look forward for the next collection. Thanks a lot Fida for creating such beautiful collection!

Coco Shambhala – Staydaycation


Sometimes the most productive thing one can do is relax. The stress arising from the rush that starts from the moment we open our eyes, whether we are at home or at the work place, whether we are alone or with a crowd, needs to be wiped off at some point of time. We need to stop, relax and refresh ourselves for the next go.



Coco Shambhala Goa is a place to get this rejuvenation in a luxurios way and I too needed a day off from my schedule. As the word “Shambhala” defines a peaceful mythical hidden kingdom, it actually is a place of peace, happiness and tranquility located in Goa. A collection of 4 luxury holiday villas set in the tropical  gardens with a freeform swimming pool. The villas sync with the Goan lanscapes and cultural vibes to bring in an air of relaxation around. To provide the resident and non resident guests and experience of this luxury, they created a unique concept of ‘Spa Days at Coco Shambhala’ of which I chose to be a part of.





I reached the villa around noon and started the tour of the villa with a nice Curry Leaf Cocktail. It was my day to unwind and recharge myself and I knew I was at the best place. Everything around the villa was about luxury created by the most hospitable and warm people at the Coco Shambhala family. I checked in to one of the villas and settled myself before I started exploring the place and my shoot. Each luxury villa has a stunning tree top living pavilion, a private plunge jet pool, 2 large bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms, a kitchen and a complimentary car and driver.I quickly headed for my spa which was the prime reason I wanted to visit this place.





The Coco Shambhala Spa is designed in a way with different treatments and spa days which are curated not only to relieve you from your exhaustion but also to make you feel good about your self. Hidden in a part of the jungle styled garden, the spa is equipped with a steam room and massage area for guests. The different treatments designed are Jet Lag Treatment, Cellulite Draining Scrub, Firming and Toning Body Massage, Indulgent Crystal Rose Body Polish to name a few. While the Spa days package consisted of Special Day Package, Special Lunch Package, Regular Day Package and Regular Lunch Package. I opted for a specially curated Special Spa Package along with a relaxation spa. A very sweet lady named Rosy welcomed me and made sure I was comfortable. During that one hour session, I realised that she was a pro at her massaging skills as she kept in mind my pain areas while I felt all my tiredness just melt away. I can’t express how relaxing indeed it was and how much I needed it. I finished it with a quick shower and  by this time I was hungry and headed for the lunch.





The menu showcases the best of Goan cuisines with fresh and local produce making it even better with their techniques learnt from the best of chefs around the world and their culinary practices. There was Raw Papaya & Carrot Salad, Beef Moussaka Timbale , a chicken version of it was made as I do not have beef,  Chilli Chocolate Ganache , Spiced Beetroot Cakes for lunch. I just loved the food and it was indeed a taste that I liked of late and will remember for sure. I could not wait for the food to get digested so that I can go to the pool.

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It is a huge beautiful pool to laze around amidst the tropical paradise. The greenery around was so soothing that I did not want to come out of the pool though it was a bit cold specially when it is monsoons in Goa and there is always a drizzle. Luckily I had an option of the private jet pool in my villa, so why not enjoy that as well. The staff made it better by serving a nice hot green tea by the poolside which again is my favourite mood enhancer.


What a day it was! A complete luxury experience with a revived, refreshed and rejuvenated myself. It was a fantastic idea of Coco Shambhala to curate such a package of Spa- daycation to unwind for a day. And as they want their guests to come back like old friends, I definitely want to come back for and splurge on this luxury.



And So – Luxury Home Decor Made Affordable.


Lifestyle is not just the way a person lives. It reflects a list of other attributes of the person – taste, mood, emotions, love, weakness and we try to find them in the things we get at our homes. Inspired by such thoughts, a lot of furniture and home furnishing stores have emerged and one such amazing store which is getting all the attention in the Goan market is the not so recently launched “And So” in Porvorim.



And So is a store for furniture and furnishing designs created by Anjali Mody whose vision was to create a house which lets new and upcoming designers showcase their skills with their creative pieces for everyday needs while being at non designer prices. It collaborates with a lot of designers, artists, craftsmen and curators from different fields who bring out their best with a modern twist for an everyday life.




The store is unconventional with its unique designs and the looks curated by them . You can pick up individual pieces of your choice or if you are in a mood to give a makeover to your room or your entire house or like to replicate a specific look, you just simply need to ask them to do it for you. Right from the furniture to the lighting to the upholstery get everything shifted to your home the way you like at just Rs.3,00,000. This is actually the best part of the store that you do not have to visit different stores as everything is available and you will surely like each own of them. I loved everything about the store, rather was confused with what I like more. A simple wooden bed which looked so unique with its unevenly shaped wooden headboard, a large coffee table resembling the bark of a tree, the carpets, the wooden candle stands, the hanging lamps etc. are a few of my favourites.



And So joins hands with few other designer brands who specialize in their own area of work and collectively create the looks. To name a few are Josmo whose pieces are a blend of age-old artisanal techniques and new age design focusing always on functionality. The Lohasmith who are known to make statement pieces with their clean lines, bold natural finishes and colours. Another brand is Twisty which aims to design furniture that is portable, easy to use, and goes well with any setting. And there is Botl who brings out these lovely planters, glasses and lanterns from recycled glass bottles. There are also The Art and Found, Studio Wood, The Wooden Story, Loomshed,  Kaanchi etc. to name a few. The store also keeps changing these designers so that everytime you visit you have a fresh new look.



And So is a definitely a one step destination for all the quirky, stylish, contemporary, traditional, artistic looks that you want to have for your home at an affordable budget. Go check out the store in Porvorim and recreate your space.



Here’s the link to their beautiful website.




Hostel Nostalgia at Sturmfrei

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Hey Everyone! A warm welcome to my blog again.

If you are a bollywood buff and have seen Kangana Ranaut’s movie Queen then you have a fair idea of the backpacker life and hostels in Europe for those who travel on budgets and like to make friends on their holidays. And now the concept of hostels in India has been increasing since the last six or seven years and Goa is leading the scene with a number of backpackers hostels springing up.


Recently I happened to visit one such place. SturmFrei, near Vagator is the brainchild of four good friends, from different fields who after years of the rat race decided to pursue thier own dream instead. Setting up a decently sized but comfortable hostel, they now meet people from all over the world and learn about other countries without stepping out of the doorstep so to speak! In a short time Sturmfrei has become an extremely popular and in-demand hostel accomodation and needless to say i was very excited to be heading there to check it out though I wasnt sure how different from a hotel a hostel would be. I was unsure about what all I could pack with me. Anyway I reached the place at around 11am in the morning along with my friend and though it is not very difficult to find the place, it IS a bit on the interior side…but have we really worried about finding places since Google maps entered our lives?

The place does not look like a hostel at all…it felt like a home we were visiting. A friend or a relative’s maybe. And the hospitality was exactly like that as well! I was happy as there was enough space to park my car, as one of the biggest headaches of today, I’m sure you will agree with me, is finding a spot to park. A warm welcome by the owners was made extra special as they happen to be from my hometown. The hostel was set up in an old Goan house with a large open area and some greenery surrounding the borders. Like i said before, the feeling of being inside a home prevailed – a seating area which looks so much like home with wooden furnitures and curtains to match, a cupboard full of books for the bookworms, a television where the channels get changed frequently as guests vied for the remote to watch an array of different programmes! A board of carrom was set up at the center of the room from which a healthy amount of boisterous noise would waft forth at regular intervals. The walls were done up pretty nicely with stickers with interesting quotes that were sure to find resonance with the steady stream of globe trotters who stayed here. One wall had a collage of pictures of guests who had passed through the hostel and another collage of all the countries from where they travelled to Goa. In just six months of its opening, the board already had 40 countries on it. Impressive indeed!

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Inside there were three more air conditioned rooms which had bunk beds set up so each room had 6 beds. I occupied a room which had a small wooden staircase inside to climb up to small loft kind of a space with two more beds. The rooms were clean with nicely done beds, the bathrooms were well equipped with the basic soaps, shampoos and clean towels. So all that stuff that I carried was not really required! A small luggage room is provided in case you have too much of baggage with you. Complimentary breakfast is also provided. Also, the food menu called the “Sturmfrei Hunger Solver” offers both veg and non-veg options a la carte and in case you prefer something else you are free to cook in the kitchen helped by a very sweet lady who cooks there. You must, of course, clean up and do the dishes yourself if using the kitchen.

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I started exploring the surroundings with a cup of tea and did not feel at all that I am in a hostel. There were a few guests who had been staying for a couple of weeks and some who were regular visitors. The conversations started over a game of carrom and I almost forgot that we were strangers just a few minutes ago! The camaraderie of hostel life is unmatchable ! Outside there were three more rooms made with cane which apparently is favoured by foreign guests over the air con ones. Many of them have volunteered to decorate and do up the place and have made it really beautiful with different paintings, artefacts, quotes and have left a part of them behind for others to enjoy. The front yard is a big open area where you can play some sport or workout. It has a small but cute set up specially in the winters where you can soak up the sun or sit for evening tea or play a game of cards. We sat in the backyard which had nicely laid mattresses and a delightful bar called Sau Bar (“sau” means “hundred”) because every drink was for just a 100 bucks! Some sound boxes and speakers in case you are in a mood to groove after a drink and a hammock at the corner added some more fun to the place.

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I absolutely loved the way the entire space was decorated with the simplest of things yet making it so interesting. I continued with my shoot and discovered more about the place as I went along. Strumfrei is the brainchild of four friends – Pratyush Neog Manikial, Kaushik Baishya, Dipjyoti Brahma and Bhavik Vaghela. The name Strumfrei comes from the German words “Sturm” and “Frei” which mean “storm” and “free” respectively. So basically Sturmfrei here refers to a place which is free from all mental storms in your minds. Oh…there is another fun meaning to this word…but why not visit the place and find out for yourself? Let me know in the comments section of this blog if you do!


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So the idea behind Sturmfrei is to become a new age hospitality company which caters to the needs of millennials and centennial travellers and looking to build a network of trendy and cool hostels in India as well as South Asia. They told us stories about how this place has been a hub of varied socially and culturally different people coming and staying together and sharing their experiences and ideas. It opens up for different activities initiated by the visitors, be it a workout challenge or a cleanliness drive at the beach or a lunch or dinner out together or a happening party.


Before I realized it, lunch time was upon us. We all sat together and not for a moment I felt that I was not at my own home. The food was fresh and delicious and I may be a bit biased here to appreciate these guys who made me feel so much at home since we came from the same State. Hence all our inside jokes that only we understood, our childhood memories, finding common friends, our common habits and lifestyle made it all so nostalgic. After lunch, I took a short nap as the room was really comfy and I was too exhausted. I woke up and had another cup of evening tea and spent some time with Jerry who is an adorably playful four legged member of the house. It was time for me to say goodbye to all the lovely people that I met though I wished I could stay overnight but I had to get back. It was a great change for me as I travel a lot but most of my stays are in impersonal star hotels and resorts spread over vast acres of manicured lawns. Cosy close knit hostels like Sturmfrei are indeed a perfect place for people who are always on the go or who love to meet interesting people from around the globe.


I would love to come back again when I have more time in hand so that I can fully participate in the exciting and activity filled life of a backpacking hostel . Meanwhile I wish Sturmfrei all the success and hope to see it grow bigger and find a Sturmfrei in every city I visit

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A Royal Staycation “Fairmont Hotel”, Jaipur


Open your eyes in the morning and you realise you are in a place which looks no less than a palace and you feel no less than a princess? Sounds like a dream right? Well, sometimes dreams do come true. There are times when I truly cherish the perks of being a travel & lifestyle blogger. And being invited to stay at the beautiful and luxurious places like Fairmont Hotel, Jaipur was one such time i counted myself among the privileged ones! Who would not want to have a taste of royalty for two nights? I headed off in excitement and was eager to see what’s in store.


A Grand Welcome

I was greeted by the Five Senses Welcome which is a small performance by the traditional Rajasthani folk singers and dancers, a surprise shower of rose petals and a cool drink. Best welcome ever! Someone actually performed for me and I loved the drum beats and the song – “Kesariya…balam aayo…padharon mhare des” I kept humming the hook line as that’s all I knew. I finished my welcome drink and checked into my Fairmont Gold room. Barely containing my excitement I entered the room and the first thing I fell in love with was the romantic four poster bed. The curtains and upholstery, the furniture, the decor and the small personalised welcome note all felt grand yet warmly hospitable. Out of sheer habit I checked the bathroom and my first thought was…which one do I love more – the bed or the beautiful bathtub? I arrived late and hence missed my breakfast, so quickly dressed, grabbed a snack and left to take a tour of the hotel.

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Processed with VSCO with g9 preset


The Interior

As I walked, I looked around the hotel and was amazed on how beautiful it was. A huge door that’s more then 350 years old takes opens into a Mughal inspired geometrical garden. The hotel had the look of a fort from outside and inside it was a palace. The carvings on the walls tell us about the Mughals and the Rajputs and the grand interiors were a mix of both traditional and modern architectural designs. The Rang Mahal which is kind of an art and entertainment center near the entrance lobby was decorated with hand made paintings with natural colours extracted from fruits and vegetables. The ceiling had 64 dance poses carved on it depicting the cultural heritage of our country. I was just awestruck by every detail and story behind each section of the hotel reflecting the skills of the artisans and their hardwork.



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A Royal Lunch And A Live Performance

Feeling ravenous by now, I decided to make it on time for lunch. The hotel has a number of restaurants serving from the royal Rajasthani cuisines to Mediterranean inspired delicacies. I tried the traditional Rajasthani Thali which consisted of the typical flavours of the state like the Gatte ki Sabzi, Marwaari Aloo Pyaaz ki Sabzi, Rajasthani Daal Bati Choorma, Laal Maas, Baajre ki Roti etc. to name a few. After relishing all these, I had to take a stroll to digest my lunch and also leisurely found myself indulging the shutterbug in me and clicked a few pictures of the beautiful spaces around me. The pool at The Fairmont Jaipur is amongst its great attractions. I happily gave into its allure and spent the rest of the afternoon in the cool blue water enjoying the stunning view of the hotel. It was evening by then and the sunset view from the rooftop is indescribably beautiful . A lovely bonfire was arranged outside after dark and the evening was brightened up by another lively performance by the folk artists. I too tried a few steps along with the Kalbeliya dancers trying to learn their form. A specially curated traditional dinner was arranged which again was a lavish affair. I was too tired by then and the bed in my room was still waiting for me to sink into it dreaming of palaces and princes!






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The Next Morning – Breakfast | Lifestyle Shoot

I woke up early and hit the gym not just to check it out but also out of guilt of indulging in the delectable cuisine of the night before and knowing there is more to come! Post workout, a quick shower and it was time for breakfast. A wholesome breakfast of everything I love – cereals, toasts, eggs, excellent start to the day.

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Processed with VSCO with g9 preset




I decided to cover the rest of the hotel and also carry on with my lifestyle shoot. Have shared some really nice shots that I got with wonderful backdrops of the hotel view. Every corner of the hotel looked so elegant and magnificent that it takes you back to that royal era that we have read in books or have seen in movies.




And now for some shopping. I was ready to splurge on some traditional wear and accessories . It is a one stop solution for people who stay there as you have stores for clothes, jewellery , paintings and other artefacts. If you are on a holiday, a visit to the spa is a must. What interested me in Ruhab, the spa is its extraordinary treatments as per zodiac signs which I kept it in my list for my next visit as I had some other things to be covered. The next day I had an early morning flight and hence had an early dinner and went to sleep.


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Au revoir

Early morning, I reluctantly got ready for my flight, had a quick breakfast and checked out of the hotel. Obviously with a heavy heart as I couldnt stop thinking about what an amazing experience it was. My two days at The Fairmont Jaipur was like a Royal fantasy come true and a memory to be cherished and I really hope to visit it again. Soon!

Fun Night @ BrownTown Regal


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A good weekend starts with a good Friday and mine started with an amazing evening at Brown Town Regal in Candolim last week. Located at the prime junction of Candolim, this place is an eye catcher with its sparky vibes and attracts people with its exuberance. I have been to this place a number of times but this time it was with few other lifestyle & food bloggers/Instagrammers. And like always, it did not disappoint me at all. Specially when you are already a regular guest over there but still get a warm welcome and special treatment from the owner (Chris is one of the owner at Browntown) and the Chef himself. It overwhelming to Chef walking upto you to check if we like the food and if he can prepare something special for us.

Processed with VSCO with e3 preset

Processed with VSCO with e3 preset

Brown Town has seating options both inside and outside, a sports bar, a dance floor and the highlight of the place is it’s live music which plays Konkan, Bollywood , Punjabi and other genres of music. What I enjoyed that evening was the melodious violin performance and the Bollywood retro songs sung by the band. As I entered, I found my other fellow mates had already reached and the table was already full with food which was a special curated menu including both vegetarian and non vegetarian options just for us. A surprise for us was the association of Bira for that evening to make it even more special with its beer.


**The soup options brought with it the Classic Cream Soup and Caldo Verde Soup of which I tried the first one which was quite thick but tasted good.

**There were three types of salads – Salad Marinara, Chicken Hawain, Three Beans Salad and Kimchi Salad, I tried all as salads are my all time favourite.

Processed with VSCO with e3 preset

Processed with VSCO with e3 preset

**The menu was mix of a bit of Tandoori, Indian, Continental and Chinese delicacies. The continental dishes had Chicken Supreme, Brown Town Regal Fish and Prawns, Mushroom Turnover and Sicilian Garlic Chicken. The Tandoor brought with it Chicken Parda Kebab, Chicken Rozali Kebab, Chicken Lucknowi Sheek Kebab, Chicken Arbin Tikka and Anar ki Tikki.

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**The Indian list had all vegetarian items which were Veg Rangoli, Mantush Paneer and Kurmuni Bhendi along with just one non veg item Chicken Dilwala.We had Chicken Dumpling and Paneer Thread in the Chinese options.

**Last but definitely not the least was the desserts with Brown Town Regal Fried Ice Cream, Coconut Pancake with Ice Cream and Shrikhand. I was lucky enough to meet the Executive Chef who was the one who created such delectable food.

Processed with VSCO with e3 preset

Processed with VSCO with e3 preset

Brown Town Regal knows the pulse of the crowd very well and always lives upto people’s expectations. A place place to let your hair down and lift up your mood be it any day of the week.

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Goan, Fast Food, Continental, American, Chinese, Indian, Italian, Kebab.

Average Cost 

₹1,000 for two people (approx.) 

Opening hour

8am – 4am

Happy Hours: 12:00 Noon To 5:00 Pm


Next To Newton SuperMarket, Candolim, Goa.


Breakfast    Serves Non Veg
Full Bar Available.  Valet Parking Available
Serves Cocktails.    Free Wifi
Live Sports Screening.    Resto Bar
Free Parking.   Gastro Pub
Serves Jain Food.    Sports TV
Indoor Seating.    Smoking Area
Table booking recommended.    Live Entertainment
Dance Floor.     Brunch
Nightlife.    Live Music
Karaoke.     Outdoor Seating
Desserts and Bakes


BrownTown Regal Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


Coastal Culinary Delight By “Chef Jose Thomas” | Taj Vivanta, Goa


Right at the heart of the city, Taj Vivanta Goa, is a small stroll away from everything there is to see and do in the capital city of Goa. A prime location, exemplary services and unique motifs make Vivanta Goa, the next generation of contemporary hospitality.
An a gala time indulging in a culinary experience that celebrates the vibrant colours of the coastal cuisine at Latitude, Vivanta Goa, Panaji. A plethora of delectable preparations showcasing the culinary history and traditions of the country’s western coast is brought to you by the Konkan Culinary Wizard -Chef Jose Thomas.

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About Chef Jose Thomas  –

Chef Thomas is a true artist defining the extraordinary in the culinary world. He has climbed through several positions and has mastered his skills working across India. Mostly the coastal reason. He ensures his preparations celebrate the simplicity and the authentic flavours of the Konkan coast.

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About The Festival – “Windows On The Culinary Coast”

A delectable menu comprising recipes from Kerala and Mangalore that are rustic, homely and immensely satisfying.
The flavourful journey begins with an assortment of mouth-watering appetizers including delectable seafood preparations like Crab Milagu Fry, Tiger Prawns Roast, Scampi Tawa Fry, Kane Kaidina, Meen Pollichatu and Squid Sukka to name a few. A few of my favourites of these were –
● Prawns Roast – NV – which is prawns tossed in a Kerala spice mix full if the fresh flavours of tomato, ginger, green chillies, coconut slivers, lemon juice and traditional spices
● Attirachy Ularthu -NV – This was lamb cubes cooked with onion, tomato and fresh spices including ginger, green chillies and fennel powder from Travancore, Kerala
● Kaju Motor Vade -V – This was fresh coriander and onion infused cashew fritters.

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As you coast through the mains, savour an aromatic selection of curries including the Konkan Crab Curry, Bangaloreans Fish Curry, Allapuzha Meen Curry and Konkan Mutton Curry again to name a few of the many. My favorites from the main course were –
● Meen Moily -NV – a mildly spiced Kerala fish stew made with lightly fried fish, coconut milk and spices
● Konkan Mutton Curry -NV – a speciality from South Canada which is made from finely ground local spices thickened with cashew paste and coconut milk and flavoured with tomato
● Bassle Kajippu -V – this was spinach leaves cooked with lentils and coconut
These complimented well with few accompaniments like
● Neer Dosa – V – a paper thin , delicate rice pancakes that melt in your mouth
● Malabar Maratha -V – a type of flaky refined flour bread and
● Puliogre -V – This was rice flavoured with tamarind and seasoned with mustard seeds, cashewnuts, split gram, red chillies and Curry leaves

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Add a sweet finish to your journey with favourites such as Elaneer Paadam, Ada Pradhaman, Ela Ada and Banana Caramel Ice-Cream. I tried the
● Ada Pradhaman -V – rice flakes cooked milk and jaggery delightfully thick
● Ela Ada -V – rice parcels encased in a dough made of rice flour, with a stuffing of banana and jaggery.

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P.S. – Here is the zomato link for the restaurent.



Summer Time Gladness!

When the sun is out in all its glory, fierce blue skies overhead and temperature rising, well then that’s when it’s time to look cool isn’t it? ‘Coz what we wear, the fabrics, the colors, the cuts and silhouettes can actually prevent you from feeling the full blast of summer!

Dont get me wrong, I love the summers. It’s the time for fresh light salads and refreshing cocktails. And then diving into the blue waters of the sea or a swimming pool. Sigh! Is there anything better!

But we all know summers can get you really hot under the collar but have a glance at my summer looks below and you will know how I keep it cool when its hot!

Look 1 

Nothing is better than sheer! Here I’m wearing a white ( everybody’s fave color in summers 😊 ) long netted dress which is quite versatile. I throw it over swimwear when I’m at the beach, over shorts and tank top at a pool party or a short tube dress.

Still keeping it white with kitten heel pumps and upping the cool quotient with a long strap uber trendy tan and beige purse. Slip on a few silver bangles on the wrist, always carry a pair of cool shades and who’s afraid of the sun now?!

White Lace Dress – Thailand Flea Market

Boho Bag – Thailand Flea Market

Heels – Dressberry India

Sunnies –

Look 2

What better way to announce that summer has arrived than with cheery yellow florals! This colour never fails to lift up my spirits. Here I’m dressed in a wrap dress with frills that flow and cinched at the waist for that very feminine silhouette . Teamed with nude tie up sandals with colourful pompoms for that touch of whimsy!

Floral Dress – Allen Solly India

Sandals – Anjuna Flea Market Goa

Sunnies – Idee Eye Wear

Look 3

Another must-have colour in your summer wardrobe is blue! This empire line baby blue cotton frock dress is the coolest thing for casual sunny days. To double it up as evening wear on a date or movie night, just add a pair of glamour silver heels and you are good to go!

Powder Blue Cotton Dress – Handmade By Manvi, Goa

Heels – Dressberry

Look 4

A traditional and modern fusion style can amp up a dreary high-centigrade day of summer. A six yard circumference dress skirt in pure cotton with hand block prints from Laila’s Style Studio, Goa with a delightfully contrasting orange hem that swirls when I whirl! I can wear it off shoulder or team it up with a denim jacket with cut off sleeves for that touch of high street fashion.

Skirt Dress – Laila’s Style Studio, Goa

Denim Jacket – FBB Online

Look 5

Back to my favourite white! This double frill maxi dress with a gathered waist is perfect for a champagne brunch with pals. Bringing out my ever dependable white heels and a stylish powder blue hand bag with a ring handle that completes the posh brunch look.

White Cotton Dress – Style By And

Handbag – Hautecurry India

Heels – Dressberry India


IMG_3272Goa doesn’t go long without a new place opening to keep the excitement level high. And once again the party capital did not disappoint! The newly opened Toy Beach Club in Candolim had more to offer than I expected when I set out for an evening there.
A huge property transformed into a lavish beach club with beautiful sea view around. A short walk from the entrance takes you to the main club inside, though its extremely tempting to linger a while in the beautifully arranged cozy white cabanas outside! As we enter the club the massive space is beautifully decorated. Right from the decor, the chandeliered lighting to the multiple seating arrangement, to the view and the vibe, everything was so refreshing and welcoming.


What I really liked was that the various seating options both inside and outside were not cluttered but spaced out evenly. So whether a chilled out sundowner or a saturday night party, you now know where to go!
I took a tour of the club which is so picture worthy that I simply had to get loads of pictures clicked of myself. To enjoy the sunset, I opted to sit at the upper floor. One thing worth mentioning is the staff who was extremely polite and hospitable to each and every guest.


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I was checking the menu when the chef himself recommended what I should try starting with a ‘Cosmopolitan’ which was perfect while waiting for the appetizers.
Favourite were –

* Toy Buffalo Cheese Nachos
* The Peri Peri Cottage Cheese
* Specially curated Pesto Paneer along
* Lemon Turmeric Chicken Skewers
* Parmesan Chicken.

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The nachos were really different than the ones I have had till date and had a very unique flavour (I kept nibbling it for a long time).

Mains –
Just when I thought that I cannot eat any further, came the Spaghetti Aglio E Olio which was again tough to resist as pastas are a weakness.Dessert-
My cheat day ended with a nice Strawberry Cheese Cake.
It was an evening well spent, meeting some amazing people and enjoying some quality me time as well!

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Average Cost

₹2,500 for two people (approx.) 

Opening hours

9am – 2am


Candolim Beach Road, Candolim, Goa


Toy Beach Club Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Kampai | The Contemporary Japanese Cuisine


What a night it was…
Sensational Dishes and super chic interiors
From the selection of fresh seafood and authentic ingredients, this place has got it all.
Also super exited to be back in Delhi and have met few amazing friends after such a long time.

IMG_6867 2


A contemporary twist on traditional Japanese cuisine, young restaurateur and entrepreneur, Avantika Sinha, unveils Kampai – the newest, contemporary Japanese cuisine restaurant in Aerocity, New Delhi.
Kampai offers a unique menu consisting of various Japanese specialties such as Sushi, Sashimi, Ramen, Tempura, Yakitori, Udon, Katsu, Tepenyaki, and so on! Combining freshly imported ingredients with creative interpretation of traditional Japanese cuisine with East-meets-West culinary techniques.
The restaurant also features a sunken table mirroring those found in Japanese homes. On the other hand, the option of conventional tables and chairs has been provided too for others who find comfort in familiarity.

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Spread over 2400 sq ft area, the 70-seater restaurant is a first-of-its-kind in the capital
with its carefully curated menu and specialties. Kampai, which means “Cheers” in
English, is a fresh respite, where patrons can look forward to great food & drinks in and understated Japanese ambience. From the selection of fresh seafood and authentic ingredients, the unconventional restaurant décor to the well-trained service staff, the team at Kampai has gone through great lengths to ensure that the dining experience is comfortable, palatable and memorable.

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Chefs at Kampai have designed a tantalizing menu that showcases a carefully curated selection – from mouth-watering salads to fried and grilled treasures from the sea; hearty meats, the freshest of sashimi to irresistible nigiris and rolls. In short, there is something for anyone who appreciates the finer flavors of modern Japanese cuisine.
Kampai puts their spin on classic Japanese dishes with creative & artfully curated food.

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For those who enjoy pairing good food with their favourite tipple, Kampai’s fully-
equipped bar offers a wide range of Japanese sakes; champagnes, whisky, cocktails,
beers and carefully-selected wines from different regions of the world. Featuring an 18-foot bar with unique projection mapping as the background, the bar concept is unlike
any other in Delhi. The projections of Tokyo skyline and beautiful elements from Japan
will transport you to Tokyo.
Special emphasis has been given to the interiors at Kampai to complement its delectable
cuisine. From Japan’s chilly winters, to pleasant springs with cherry blossoms dotting the
landscape, the restaurant has been segregated into various sections, each depicting a
different season. The depiction has been executed through various features such as the
colours of the walls, the difference in the ceilings throughout the restaurant; unique
laser cut panels as well as projections. With its subtle colours and ambience, it
proves a relaxing and rejuvenating retreat.


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