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Down The Memory Lane | United Kingdom

September, 2010 – A trip to cherish and remember for life. My first trip abroad and wouldn’t have thought that it will be “United Kingdom”. A nine hours and thirty minutes journey along with 2 hours each at both “Indira Gandhi International Airport. Delhi and Heathrow Airport, London. My longest and the most tiring travel by air. Two pecks of whiskey on the rocks … Read More Down The Memory Lane | United Kingdom


Majnu ka Tilla   The name itself sounds very historic and old. I have been breathing in Delhi (which is not at all pure now) from past 8 years and I kept hearing about this place. Several outings were discussed but couldn’t be executed. I kept creeping about it to my friends. My curiosity went to another level when people started talking about the mouthwatering … Read More MAJNU-KA-TILLA (DELHI)

Escaping The Crowd ** Patong, Phuket

From the crowded and chaotic city Delhi my escape to Thailand seemed to be very fruitful. The moment I landed in Bangkok (Suvarnabhumi Airport) I was skeptical and doubtful about the journey. From Bangkok to Phuket it was again 1 hour 30 minutes flight. I knew it would be a tiring journey. Anyways! I looked tired already. As a common foreign holiday destination chosen by … Read More Escaping The Crowd ** Patong, Phuket